Social News – and Oaks – on Apocalyptic Flooding in Genoa

Apocalyptic flooding hit Genova yesterday causing the death of 6 persons and great damnage.

Twitter played a key role in keeping people informed on the situation first and foremost making available useful information, using the hashtag #allertameteoLG, such as emergency number or the situation.

The peak of number of tweets was at 6 pm with almost six thousands of mentions on Twitter.

The tweets most retweeted  where one of @La7tv, account of italian private broadcaster which did a great multi-platform coverage both on television and live streaming on internet,  pleading people to open all wi-fi connections to facilitate communication, one of a famous football player, asking to retweet the phone number to call for emergency and help, and the one that was making available a charity phone number to donate.

Among so much solidarity, as usually happens, also a oak, as I pointed out, which got 150 retweets on a list of useful things needed that weren’t for this flooding.

As in Italy Twitter still doesn’t have many users the number of tweets can be considered of great amount.

During the tragic events, in my opinion, probably for the first time, each media, television, online newspapers and social networks, played an important part in keeping people informed on the situation.

Hopefully we will not need another orrible event to understand that people nowadays get themselves information where available not where imposed by others.

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