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The Revolution Will Be Newspaperised?

The need of categorizing everything raises even more, if possible, when there are new emerging phenomenon which lack of understanding.

After the Occupy Wall Street movement started to publish it’s own printed newspaper now also in the UK the Occupy London protesters have printed their version too.

Consisting of twelve A4 pages of comment, news and features alongside photos, cartoons and event listings, written largely by the camp’s occupants, there is an initial run of 2000 copies of  the first issue of the newspaper,  available also as a PDF  or  on

The Tunisia’s revolt as been often described as the Twitter revolution, shortly after the uprising in Egypt needed the new definition of Facebook revolution, apparently the worldwide movement mainly against banks and financial institutions should briefly be the newspapers revolution and, of course, we will be reading articles asking if the revolution will be “newspaperised” [I promise not to use any more this term].

So funny, so real, so true?

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