The Monkeys that Wrote Shakespeare

Almost a month ago I reported on computer generated articles who’s autors claim it will probably win a Pulitzer in the next 5 years as Nicola Bruno and Raffaele Mastrolonardo  wrote in their book “The Monkey That Won a Pulitzer”.

Jesse Anderson a week ago has announced that, through an application he has written, he successfully mimicked a million monkeys typing and it has recreated all Shakespeare’s work.

Apparently he was inspired in his work by one of his favorite Simpsons episodes as the video below shows.

With the uprising of these technologies, which are very reliable for data or, as Anderson’s work shows, re elaborating existing sources, the concerns for journalists should be focused on  fact checking and engagement of those which, otherwise, were once their audience.

Recent experiment carried out by «The Guardian» is a good example of how to do it.

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